Instant Withdrawal Facility

Our three second withdrawal is the quickest in the market.
Top 10 Cryptocurrency into Top 10 Fiat currency.

Fibremoney Marketplace

Any Product, any Service of any Website. One stop to all your needs into a user friendly platform.


Trade your Fibremoney Token directly with BTC, ETH, in addition to the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies and Top 10 Fiat currency.

Fibremoney Virtual Card and ATM card

Fibremoney Virtual Card
Fibremoney ATM card will be accepted worldwide anywhere visa or mastercard is accepted.

Fibremoney Wallet

Fibremoney wallet gives you the freedom to STORE, CONVERT and SPEND Top 10 Fiat currency and Top 10 Cryptocurrency on the go.

Fibremoney Financial Services

Our platform gives opportunity to get Instant Loans, Savings program, HODL program and Merchant Rebate Program with addition of Day2Day Trading program soon.

Payment Gateway

Our vision is to create a people-powered new economy services company that makes the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to the average user, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of both digital and traditional assets. Fibremoney is to eliminate all the uncertainties or fraud associated with the traditional peer-to-peer payment services. We will make our service reachable and affordable to the lowest business while lowering the fees for the Travel, E-commerce and Manufacturing Industries. The Retail industry is our main target to sell. Thanks to it's unique features, Fibremoney is a multi-purpose tool equally useful for trading, long-term investment, and routine financial operations. With options like Fibremoney Virtual Cash Card, Fibremoney Electronic Chip Card and Fibremoney Payment gateway.

Using the Fibremoney payment gateway, you will be able to make payment at your favourite e-commerce stores, local stores, ATM and enjoy the benefit of discounts with the freedom to use fiat-crypto currency anywhere anytime.

All the transactions will be stored in your secure wallet. Furthermore, we will also provide the most efficient and cost-effective crypto-payment solution for our participating merchants and User’s in their desired currency. For more details please read our whitepaper.


“You will run out of reasons to not use cryptocurrencies but we will give you more reasons to purchase one”. Fibremoney aims at empowering online as well as offline merchant’s to provide easy and quick payments using fiat-crypto currency to customers who wish to purchase Mobiles, Laptops, Air ticket, Jewelry, Cameras, Furniture’s, AC, Watches, Cars, Bikes, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Tour Package, Health Packages and many more through our Global marketplace Our marketplace is going to be one of the largest online stores as you will not just have an option to buy what is listed on our website but also from more than 500 online & offline merchant partners from different industries all clubbed together into a short and grandma friendly interface. Our platform offers travel portal, e-commerce portal, Professional services, Loan’s and Insurance portal, Freelancer portal, Merchants & Traders portal and services, Agriculture & Industrial equipment portal & services, Supermarkets & Malls portal, Fiat-Cryptocurrency exchange, Automobile industry portal and services , Food and Manufacturing Industry portal and many more to come.Customers will have an option to pay using Traditional and Cryptocurrency both. For more details please read our whitepaper.

Financial services

If we want to truly unlock the transformative power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the waves of disruption that will be left in their wake, it’s critical that we build for accessibility now, not later. If the new economy becomes the domain of a privileged few and continues to perpetuate the same inequities as the old one, then its vision for the future will have failed.

The world is ready for a new financial future at Fibremoney. Top 50 cryptocurrency and more than 10 Fiat currency exchange & additional benefit of instant cashout facility using our Fibremoney payment gateway with low transaction fee and quicker than ATM cashout. Our Programs Shop n Earn, EMI, Merchant payment rebate and with more than 5000 service partners makes cryptocurrency utilitarian.

We would be offering services for the loan, Mortgage, High-value purchases using crypto, Escrow, Payment wallet and Staking programs for top 50 cryptocurrencies all clubbed into a professional platform. For more details please read our whitepaper.

Road Map


Fibremoney idea proposed.
For a few, A falling Apple generates big ideas. But for us, a stress-free Payment Gateway gave us the motivation.


Fibremoney Team assembled.
A big vision becomes successful by combining intellectuality into one source. For us, a Nerd Herd was the answer.


Whitepaper formation.
A human mind generates more than 3000 thoughts per hour. But the one that gets documented survives.

Apr and development.
Electricity can be generated by various means. But when it comes to money, only money attracts money.


Main ICO event.
Manufacturing a product ain't always the troublesome part. Selling it is!. The launch of our online marketplace


For some sowing, a seed is a job, but for some seeing a seed grow is a Hobby. Time for some growth.


First TV commercial and merchant integration program.
Moon landing might be controversial, but it didn't stop a visionary put his car into space. Seeing is Believing.


Payment gateway launch
The shortest way to pass between The Atlantic and The Pacific is Panama Canal. But, the quickest way to transact between them is Fibremoney Payment Gateway.


Mobile payment wallet
egg + larva + pupa + caterpillar = Butterfly
Barter + Gold + Money + Digital Asset = Mobile Wallet


Fibremoney Electronic Chip Card launch.
Our ancestors used to say the money saved is money earned. They weren't wrong! HOLD-SHOP-EARN


30 Million plus Merchant Integration
If Barbie is so popular, then why do you have to buy her friends? Because there is only loneliness without friends.

1st Jan

Surprise announcment
NASA sets December 2019 date for first SLS launch — NASA announced. We won't make you wait that long for something really special and awesome.

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